20 Richest Wrestlers in the World


1. The Rock – $12.5 Million

The Rock experienced some troublesome times and did a considerable measure of soul searching in his life. In his collection of memoirs he expressed that at one point when he was on the practice squad of the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders, he had as meager as $7 in the bank. He would sneak into group meetings with the real starting squad since they would offer free sandwiches. Otherwise, he would not eat. His most reduced point was the point at which he found a bedding behind a dumpster, and quickly conveyed it home to mull over in spite of the “affection stains” on it. The Rock appeared for WWE in 1996 and vanquished the industry by 2004. He had won everything that there was to win and cut the free most incredible and entertaining promos ever. He utilized his acting aptitudes and persona to sling his profession into Hollywood, which is the place he’s profited. At, to begin with, a great many people thought it was adorable, that a wrestler would wander into Hollywood. Be that as it may, he completely overwhelmed everybody and continued getting offer after offer, to the point where he just couldn’t be a dynamic wrestler anymore.

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